onsdag, januari 2

Goodbye Blogger

Hello Tumblr...

torsdag, november 8

How to put a pug to bed: 

"First, I plump (hehe) up the mattress of his bed.
Then, I prepare a hot water bottle, and put it under his mattress about a hour before he goes to bed.
This way his bed is nice and warm, ready for when he retires for the night.
And finally, after giving him många kramar, once he goes to sleep, I carefully drape a soft blanket 
over his fat belly and legs. So now he can have the best sleep! 
And I put his bed right near mine, so if he ever wakes up in the night, he can look up and see me 
and feel safe."

måndag, juli 30

"I read Arctic Monkeys might perform later. It would be better shared with you"

Photobucket Photobucket
Det här var en väldigt stor grej för mig, and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

söndag, juli 29

Stella McCartney rapporterar ju från sitt OS via sin Instagram <3


Mulberry small Bryn bag

måndag, juli 16

Raf Simons for Christian Dior, Haute Couture f/w 12

"The avant-garde outsider from Antwerp insinuated himself into the hallowed history
of haute couture with a tour de force that had both emotional and intellectual resonance"


"Christian Dior's own obsession—flowers—was translated into salons lined ceiling to floor
with panels of blooms: delphiniums in the blue room, orchids in the white room, mimosa
in the yellow room, and so on. More than a million all told, making a gorgeous architectural
abstraction of nature" - Tim Blanks

måndag, juni 18

I wish I would have seen you in the post office
well maybe I did and I missed it
too busy with a mind on clever lines
why not the rounders pitch or the canteen
you slacking love, where have you been?!
just had to go and wait until tonight


In love with Valentino F/W 12 ankle straps (


via Self Service

söndag, juni 17

Ur The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

"Look at that", she whispered, and then after a moment: "I'd like to get one
of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around"


"Do they miss me?" she cried ecstatically. "The whole town is desolate.
All the cars have the left rear wheel painted black as a mourning wreath,
and there's a persistent wail all night along the north shore"

Bluemarine beach

Bluemarine campaign by Tim Walker

Saker som gör mig glad:

Mikhail Baryshnikov dances Sinatra + tuggar tuggummi

Pipa iväg till skolan strax innan 9 och känna varm luft slå emot så fort man öppnar ytterporten

Äta havregryn ur påse med sked

Florera en eftermiddag på Dussman Kulturkaufhaus för att sedan gå hem och lusläsa Shanghai-guider

Kolla på fotboll, dricka öl och skrika åt något helt annat än min kille

Trailern till The Great Gatsby (och great måste vara definitionen för filmen?)

Att Sommar i P1 alldeles strax börjar


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