tisdag, januari 11

Älsker olika kärleksmöten:

"När vi träffades hade han dubbelparkerat sin Ferrari vid min Merca cab med sin stora näsa och guldklocka.

Jag var på dåligt humör och fräste att han skulle flytta bilen. Jag tror han blev triggad av min attityd."

Zlatan letade upp Helenas telefonnummer efter hennes registreringsskylt, ringde och bad om en dejt.


After dinner I took Cathy aside and asked, "Who is your assistant?"


"No, not Tova, a really cute guy."



"His real name is Tom, but I call him Tender" At the time, Cathy was married to a man called Tom Snowden.

She said she had to distinguish between her two Tom turkeys, so one was ough (her husband) and the other

(Ford) was Tender.

Like I said, there was never any moss growing on Cathy, and she immediately said, "He's perfect for you.

Come for lunch on monday. I'll arrange the whole thing". Apparently, when she came in the next morning

Cathy yelled, "Tender, get in here!" She told him, "Richard Buckley, the fashion editor of Women's Wear Daily

and editor of Scene, wants to go out with you. He's very important. We need him. You take my credit card and

go anywhere he wants to go"

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